Hemorrhoid suppositories with oak Kverkutel

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Suppository with oak bark anti-inflammatory Kverkotel 2.5 g. N10 (5 * 2)
Kverkutel - candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids, thrush, prostatitis, cystitis.
Candlesticks - suppositories with an extract of oak bark, leaves and galls - anti-inflammatory, antiviral, bactericidal, antifungal, antitumor.

Over 15 years of observation, Kverkutel's candles have proven to be an effective and safe remedy for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoidal cones, prostate diseases, cystitis, thrush, the common cold, and viral infections.

According to reviews and results of customers, Kverkutel candles are considered the best herbal remedies that help solve problems of the rectum in particular and the gastrointestinal tract as a whole.

Kverkutel candles with oak bark are approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and are recommended for use in:

- proctology - hemorrhoids, (hemorrhoids psychosomatics) anal fissures, bleeding with hemorrhoids, proctitis, sigmoiditis, itching, prevention of cracking, impaired rectal function and as an adjunct to constipation;

- gynecology - adnexitis, cervical erosion, vulvovaginitis, inflammation of appendages, prevention of inflammatory processes, thrush (candidiasis, candles for thrush) (how to treat thrush at home);

- urology - prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis, prevention of inflammatory processes, impotence, improvement of microcirculation of the mucous membrane of the rectum and genital organs, strengthening of male strength;

- prevention of varicose, dilated veins, rectal veins, vascular atherosclerosis;

- oncology - in the complex therapy of benign and malignant tumors:
with painkiller
wound healing
hemostatic effect

How to use plant-based anti-inflammatory candles

For adults and the elderly, rectally or vaginally, 1 suppository, 2 to 3 times a day, after having been wetted in water.

The course of treatment is 30-60 days.

Preventive course 5 days, if necessary, the duration of the course can be increased.

For pregnant women and children, apply 1 to 0.5 rectal suppository 1 to 2 times a day, after having been wetted in boiled water.

The course of treatment is 30-60 days.

The course will need 6 packs.

Preventive course 5 days, if necessary, the duration of the course can be increased.

Approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, here to see the report on clinical trials.


Main advantages

Quality assurance
Ease of use

What is the anti-inflammatory candles Kverkutel?
It is important to understand that candles are a suppository form of a drug that contributes to a faster, painless and most efficient way to deliver the active substances to the human body, especially if it is a child, an elderly person or a pregnant woman. After all, it is for these groups of people that painless and safe treatment is especially important.

Kverkutel candles are one of the best and effective complex means of treating viral, inflammatory processes.
To ensure that Kverkutel one of the best and most effective means of treatment are clinical trials, the results of 15-year use, hygienic conclusions, reviews.
The effectiveness of candles Kverkutel due to the fact that the extract of oak from which the candles are made stimulates the body to produce its own interferon, which ensures the proper functioning of the immune system.

Kverkutel 100% natural, safe suppositories without side effects.
Prevention. When it is important to "put a candle" to protect against diseases.

1 We recommend to have them in your first-aid kit so that

- in case of constipation or hypothermia, apply Kverkutel candles in order to avoid hemorrhoids, cystitis, prostatitis, colds;

- with regular visits to public pools and baths;

2 Take with you on trips and touristic tours when

- with prolonged sitting, the inability to fully wash,

-when water, food and climate change, constipation, itching, slight burning or unpleasant discharge in women and girls may appear.

3 Pregnant women rectal!

- to reduce the temperature in colds and viral diseases,

- for the prevention of constipation, hemorrhoids, thrush, cystitis

4 Young mothers in the postpartum period

- with postpartum hemorrhoids for the treatment of hemorrhoids and alleviate bowel movements

- high temperature

5 children rectal

- for constipation

- at elevated temperature

6 Elderly

- with constipation, colds, immunodeficiency

- for the prevention of fractures and strengthening of bones

7 In cosmetology, rectal

- to prevent brittle hair and nails

- to improve skin condition

If you put candles on Kverkutel immediately at the first symptoms - you will protect yourself from such unpleasant diseases as hemorrhoids, thrush, and cystitis.

How to put candles Kverkutel rectal?

unpack the box
 Wash the hands
 get a candle from a blister
 wet the candle with boiled water
 lie down
 to lead a candle in the anus
 lie down for 10-20 minutes
How to put a suppository vaginally?
The vaginal suppository is placed in the same way as rectally, with the exception of the insertion site.

A rectal candle can be inserted in the morning, after a chair, or before bedtime.

Vaginal candle is better to put before bedtime.

If you missed the first symptoms!

It is not pleasant to speak about urologic, gynecologic and proctologic diseases in public, therefore the initial stage is often missed and when the disease is already felt, we recommend Kverkutel candles!

That Kverkutel quickly helps get rid of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, prostatitis, cystitis, thrush, colds, viruses, fungi!

Additional information for the consumer

composition: contains an extract of bark, leaves and galls of oak.

Kverkutel - immunomodulator in suppositories of plant origin, which has a hemostatic, analgesic, antipyretic, bactericidal effect. The use of suppositories ensures the normalization of blood formation, blood circulation and metabolism, stimulates regenerative processes.

Pharmacological properties

A wide range of pharmacological properties due to the presence of the following active ingredients in the extract of bark, leaves and galls of English oak:

amino acids
carbohydrates and tannins,
gallic acid and flavonoids,
vitamins of group B and K,
Suppositories Kverkutel effective for the treatment of:

Urogenital diseases,
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
to lower the temperature
enhance the body's defenses
fight against viral infections,
as a general tonic preventive and hygienic means.


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